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Nadin Waiting

Rini Rahayu (21) can not hide the tension in his face. In front of a pavilion, she paced, occasionally sitting, but then re-run. Box rice dish prepared officers not touched at all.

Carefully Nadin head that looks big  refuted with “pillow” shaped donut. Nurses began to shave the head of hair that has not been covered. Shortly thereafter, two large pieces of lighting equipment attached to the ceiling of the room began to light up. After all is ready, a number of people dressed in green with a mask and hair cover entered the room. 3 carefully surgeon, 1 anesthetist and 5 other medical teams perform surgery for nearly two hours.

Rini Rahayu is Nadin parents that being operated on for hydrocephalus disease, is a disease that occurs due to disturbance in the flow of fluid in the brain (serebro spinal fluid). Residents of Kampung Setu, Setu Village, District Jasinga tells the Bogor Regency, during the content she has never experienced anything strange. Labor process was running smoothly without a hitch.

From the age of two months, Nadin had a high fever and convulsions. Rini was immediately brought it to one of his favorite daughter of the district government hospital in Cibinong, Bogor. In this hospital she found out that Nadin develop hydrocephalus. Nadin after eight days in hospital, he was advised to go to a doctor Integrated Health House (RST) Dompet Dhuafa because he belongs to a family can not afford.

After becoming a member RST, Nadin was referred to RSCM to get more action. At that time, RST does not have adequate medical equipment to treat and operate on Nadin. Rini five months back and forth to bring Nadin to RSCM. He had already received the current operating schedule Nadin age 5 months. However, until it was time Nadin nor surgery. “Two times get scheduled, but always fail,” said Rini.

Wife of Arsudin who works as a seamstress in a garment in this North Jakrta not know for sure the reason her son canceled the surgery, “he said it because my Jamkesda can not be used for this operation. He said this congenital disease that can not be claimed Jamkesda, “he explained.

Stuck in RSCM, she was advised to hospital in numbers Fatmawati, South Jakarta. However, she had to repeat the process from the beginning is quite convoluted. Thankfully, one of the doctors at the RSCM know RST. He was re-referred to the RST. Alhamdulillah, RST already have sufficient medical equipment to perform the operation.

Finally, thanks to the help of several parties, including the sponsor of PT Social Security with its CSR program, Nadin May be operated in RST. Keep in mind, Nadin is the first patient to undergo big surgery in the RST on Saturday (15/12). Besides Nadin one another hydrocephalus patients who also operated on that day.

Rini was finally able to return a smile when Nadin was transferred to the High Care Unit (HCU) after the operation runs smoothly. He expressed gratitude to all donors infinite RST Dompet Dhuafa, PT Jamsostek, as well as a team of doctors, nurses and all those who have helped so Nadin inoperable. “I’m very happy because finally Nadin operable,” he concluded.

Nadin new first surgery, she had to undergo a back surgery to cure the illness. Dompet Dhuafa does not get enough to invite the donors to help Nadin and other poor patients are still difficult to access quality health services. Distributes donations via BCA 237.304.5454. A / N Dompet Dhuafa Republika Foundation. Your donation will restore their smile.

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