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Parung-Bogor. This cute little baby seen nursing when we meet him in the inpatient unit Rumah Sehat Terpadu(RST) Dompet Dhuafa. Maulidan Rifat (6), a small baby who was diagnosed with meningoencephalocele disease (an inherited disease in the form of a lump that grows to the front of the skull and the lining of the brain does not close completely), and Alhamdulillah had getting surgery.

Babies of couples and Siti Maimunah M.Yusuf was referred by RST Dompet Dhuafa to RSCM on July 23, 2013 to undergo surgery. Rifat themselves in RSCM surgery on Thursday, July 25, 2013.

“If Rifat wear clothes before entering the operating room may be squeezed as much water out of my eyes water constantly flowing Ma’am, I’m so tense, never stopped praying and crying I ask God Almighty for the smooth operation of my son Rifat , “said Rifat’s mother related her experience to assist us during operations beloved child.

“Not just me, her father Rifat as strong as possible as a man had no power to stop crying,” he added.

Perceived tension Rifat parents, especially his mother during surgery since starting at 9:00 to 15:30 pm is lost when the doctor came out and told me that the surgery went smoothly, and they were given the opportunity to see Rifat.

“When the doctor came out we were immediately approached him and asked about Rifat, we were allowed in to see Rifat. In the room we immediately kissed her forehead Rifat is still covered by the tools scar, “said Siti Maimunah.

Based on the information nurses in inpatient children RST Dompet Dhuafa, after post-surgery, the big bump between the eyes Rifat was already deflated. Liquid and the meat that grown are now gone.

Once the situation is quite stable, Rifat were sent back to the RST Dompet Dhuafa on Thursday, August 1, 2013 last. Rifat is currently still undergoing the process of wound healing after surgery.

Of RSCM themselves Rifat is scheduled to have the control to keep RSCM neurosurgery clinic for stitches removed and underwent postoperative control back for a CT Scan to RSCM neurosurgery clinic because there is no indication of the possibility of spreading to other nerves.

“Thank God, I say heartiest thanks to God and Dompet Dhuafa also donors who have helped operating costs and Rifat healing my son,” said Siti Maimunah. “Hopefully Rifat healthy always and all the donors who have helped so far will be rewarded by Allah SWT reward many times over.”

Rifat condition is relatively healthy and active. Rifat also still consume exclusive breastfeeding.

RST Dompet Dhuafa say a big thank you to all the donors who have helped and operation and maintenance costs Rifat Maulidan.(tie/yhm)

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