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Parung – Bogor. Maemunah (49) are given treatment in the wound care diabetes mellitus (DM) / diabetes that she suffered in the left leg when we met in wound care poly Rumah Sehat Terpadu (RST) Dompet Dhuafa, yesterday November, 21 2013 .

Since about last April ago, Maemunah got a treatment at RST Dompet Dhuafa, previously she had to get treatment at a private hospital in Jakarta.

” I suffer diabetes is already for a long time ago, but the beginning of this injury because I fell in the month of January 2013. After falling, the condition of my left foot is very bad and feel very sick, “said Maemunah.

” Then I also had to go to a hospital in Jakarta. There I was treated for 52 days, “she added.

The duration of treatment in that hospital made Maemunah and her husband ran out of funds to continue the treatment. Maemunah’s husband who is now retired only to be able to finance their cost daily life.

” For cost of daily life was sometimes less, so usually I received orders to make the cake. The income is enough to supplement our daily living expenses, “said Maemunah.

She was confused to got the treated again because running out of funds, but finally because the information that she got from her friend, she register to become a member in the RST Dompet Dhuafa and finally was able to get treatment back.

“The condition of diabetic wounds in the patient’s left leg when she first came actually been good, but still need to be treated again, “said the nurse of wound care poly RST Dompet Dhuafa.

“Treatment for diabetic wound of patients until now we doing with modern wound care, that’s use of modern dressings such as special salve the wound, so that the wound does not care to do every day, “added the nurse.

After about 7 months get a treatment for her diabetes wound in RST, the present condition of the wound on Maemunah’s left leg has improved.

” When she first came the wounds ± 30cm by 8cm width and now Alhamdulillah diabetes wounds had improved, had shrunk to the size of ± 6cm, ± 4cm wide, ” said the nurse.

The nurse also said that “wound care of patients actually exceeded the target healing, because there are inhibiting factors, that’s interrupted blood flow causes the area around the wound becomes stiff and new tissue will not grow because of the activity of active patients to make cakes to supplement her family’s income, so that takes longer time for the healing process,”.

“Thank God, I feel grateful and happy, the condition of my feet is start to improve from the previous, ” said Maemunah.

Maemunah also said that ” the next time, if my diabetic wounds had healed fully, I planning to hold a small celebration as an act of gratitude, ” she added. ( tie/yhm)

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