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Parung – Bogor . There may be some of you who are already familiar with the figure of the doctor this one. His face was already several times in some private TV program is also a often become a speaker in various activities and child health seminars in various cities. He is dr . Arifianto , Sp.A (Child Specialist) or more familiarly called dr. Apin.

Men who was born in Malang, May 11, 1980 completed his medical education at the Medical Faculty, University of Indonesia in 2004 and earned a pediatrician as early as 2012 years ago.

His profession as a specialist in accordance with his figure that was warm and friendly with the children. At the beginning of his career, he was never thought within dr . Arifianto to become a pediatrician.

” The desire to become a pediatrician initially because I ever have an activities involving children, it makes me think that it looks like fun to be a pediatrician, ” he explained.

As a pediatrician, dr . Arifianto also has a different therapeutic treatment with his colleague. Majority of doctors always give the medicine to patients. But it does not apply to the father of Alia and Muhammad Ahsan.

” There are 2 types of therapies, that is pharmacological and non- pharmacological (medicine and non- medicine). So as advice, education, information also is actually therapeutic, but so far most of people think that therapy treatment just checked and given medication. And looking from the viewpoint of patients, the segment is poor people that in fact they are passive and accept what we are given, despite the fact that when we are given information and education about their health, they can understand, “said dr.Arifianto.

“In addition, the of this hospital source from peoples, so it is necessary to streamline unnecessary spending, ” he added.

Beside being a pediatrician at Rumah Sehat Terpadu (RST) Dompet Dhuafa, dr. Arifianto also active as a speaker fills the child health section at mass media . He also writes in his personal blog and share about child ‘s health information in social networks.

Not just writes in his blog or social networking, writing skills did he pour into a book that contains about basic child healthy knowledge for parents.( tie/yhm)

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