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BOGOR – Medical Support Installation contained in a hospital without a doubt have an important role in the implementation of health care for patients. Rumah Sehat Terpadu (RST) Dompet Dhuafa as hospital patients who make poor as the main or “VIPP (Very Important Person Poor)” as beneficiaries of services also increased the number of medical services since began operations in July 2012.

“For a number of laboratory tests for patients receiving the service in 2012 as much as 1612, then the number increased in 2013 as many as 10.510 and in 2014 up to October has received as many as 12.532 laboratory examinations of patients,” said Head of Medical Support Installation, drg. Sopan Effendi.

RST Dompet Dhuafa laboratory unit currently has 8 officers of health analyst in the service checks for outpatient and inpatient care for 24 hours.

According Sopan, the number of officers is relatively balanced by the number of patients who require medical support examination and facilities / equipment available.

“In terms of facilities would still much to be fitted as a PTA tool (Plasma thromboplastin antecedent) – PTT (Partial Prothrombin Time) for the evaluation of patients who will undergo surgery, patients with hemodialysis (dialysis), stroke patients, heart patients, heparin therapy, and CRA examination tool (C-Reactive Protein) in connection with the procurement plan perinatology space, “he said.

“Because the tools are not yet complete so for some tests we still refer to other laboratories,” added Sopan.

Similarly, with laboratory, medical support installations such as radiology also increased from year to year.

“In 2012 radiological examinations of RST serving as 638 patients, the number increased in the year 2013 to 3302 and in 2014 to 3545,” said Sopan.

RST radiology unit until now can serve all diagnostic tests, such as the examination of the upper body and lower (non-contrast), and IVP BNO examination (examination of the location of the radiographic anatomy and physiology as well as the detection of pathological disorders of the kidney, ureter and blass), appendicogram examination (examination for detecting appendicitis), dental X-ray examination and ultrasound (ultrasound).

“All the diagnostic examination using X-ray machine that has been using computers, Dental X-Ray machines for dental x-rays, and ultrasound 2 Dimensions. ” Sopan said.

Based on data obtained from RST Radiology unit, with the number of beneficiaries increased, types of radiological services are increasingly varied.

“Lately a lot of patients who need a CT Scan service. In 1 month or less, there are 10 patients who we refer to the outside to undergo a CT scan because of the unavailability of tools, “said Angga one of radiographer.

Angga was added in addition to the CT scan, there were some patients who require MRI examination (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) are also to be referred outside because the tools are not yet available.

Sopan also hope that all the medical support facilities such as laboratory and radiology in RST Dompet Dhuafa can be completed.

“Insha allah in early 2015, laboratory will add a hemostasis device. Hopefully in the future other tools can be met so that can give the maximum service and also can reduce the cost of the examination of patients who must undergo examination outside RST, ” closed sopan. (tie)



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