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RS RST DD 06/08 – Implementing a healthy lifestyle in everyday life for a doctor is not unusual. But it turns out that this has become a challenge for this profession. Recognized by Dr. Bambang Agustian, Sp. PD, specialist in internal medicine at the Integrated Healthy Home Hospital, Dompet Dhuafa. With the workload and the risk of contracting a relatively high disease, make him aware of always paying attention to a healthy lifestyle.

Being a doctor has its own meaning for him. With its role as a human being who educates patients to reduce bad habits to recover quickly and the disease does not get worse, automatically a doctor is a raw model (model) as a healthy person.

Doctors who are also active on social media often share their experiences in carrying out a healthy lifestyle. Which of course can be done by anyone with any profession. The main principle is balanced, in terms of food intake, rest, work time, exercise and most importantly the worship. For him, living a healthy life is part of worship, in keeping God’s safekeeping in the form of a body that is given from the start in good condition.

To anticipate a lot of time and workload, he is accustomed to taking a maximum nap of 30 minutes during the day. “Don’t take more than 30 minutes!” The duration of night sleep is quite different for each person, there are enough 5 hours, some are 6-8 hours. Some scientific research has proven the effectiveness of this nap to restore freshness and concentration, especially for workers.

The next healthy tip is to get used to a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times a week to exercise. The easiest technique is stretching the body after waking up, like doing plank movements, and running. The best time for exercise is in the morning, but for workers it can also be done in the afternoon, but not recommended at night. Not infrequently these young specialists meet patients while running on weekends. “Yes, I am committed to running once a week at least 10 km,” he said. He hopes that what he does can motivate patients to maintain health.

Adequate rest and exercise must be supported by healthy and balanced food intake. Increase consumption of protein, fruits and vegetables rather than carbohydrates. It will also be good to maintain an ideal and prevented body shape from obesity. Especially if he has a genetic factor, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Breakfast is enough with cereal or fiber-rich granola and fruits. During the day, eat as you like with any menu. We do not need to avoid consuming carbohydrates such as keto diet or not eating meat like vegetarian. He added, “God created man with omnivorous properties and perfection of the physiological functions of his digestive system to digest animal and vegetable foods.”

And no less important is to give time for relaxation. Whether it’s with worship, spiritual tours, picnics, or just gathering with family. Shifting the mind’s focus from work for a while will optimize the power of thought and bring up fresh ideas when returning to work. (das)

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JAMPANG 02/08 – Happy World Breastfeeeding Week. Whoever you are, both working mothers and housewives, you are the best, Mom! And salute you the working mother who keeps on giving her milk to the baby. Not a challenge. Surely among the Mother here there who have experienced it. Often working mothers have difficulty in giving exclusive breastfeeding to their babies, on the grounds that it is time to get back to work so that the working mother’s mother decides to give them a baby.

“Whereas as we know, that the provision of formula (sufor) should be in accordance with the indication and prescription of doctors,” said dr. Farah Diba, a doctor at the RS Rumah Sehta Terpadu Dompet Dhuafa (RSTDD Hospital).

Then what about the stay home mom? Still need to milk milk even though every day at home with the baby? The activity of milking breast milk for some housewives is indeed regarded as not a primary need. Dairy milk or ASIP is more familiar among working mothers, who cannot spend 24 hours with the baby.

The fact is not so. “Housewives are advised to keep milking, especially if the milk production is excessive,” explained Midwife Irna Handayani, one of the RST DD hospital midwives. Because there are times, the mother is not with the baby so she can give her milk directly.

These conditions often force the baby’s companion to provide a substitute for breast milk such as formula milk. For example, when the mother goes shopping without the baby or when the mother is sick, it is feared that it can spread to the baby. Without ASIP preparations, the mother could lose the 6 month period of exclusive breastfeeding for her baby.

After 2-3 weeks of childbirth, ASI production will increase to 1.5-2 L per day. While baby’s milk consumption only about 750 ml per day. From a rough calculation, it can be seen that there will be a waste of excess milk. By milking excess milk, you can continue to use it and give breast milk at times when ASI production has begun to decline.

Milking of ASI can also maintain the continuity of breast milk production, especially for mothers with little breast milk production. It would be unfortunate if a mother had to stop breastfeeding and replace it with formula milk. From the results of Gatti’s research (2008), the Center for Health Disparitites Research, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania, said 35% of mothers stopped breastfeeding because of decreased milk production due to their own perception that they could not provide enough breast milk. will stimulate milk production from the mammary glands.

Sugesti the mother was very supportive of the number of production. An observer of breast milk, dr. Yahmin Setiawan, MARS, said in his writing, a mother must have strong confidence that she can provide exclusive breastfeeding to her baby. Diligent attendance at lactation forums with other breastfeeding mothers, such as Community EPING (Exclussive Pumping), can be a source of motivation.

For mothers, workers are advised to empty the breast every 3-4 hours while working by expressing milk for 10-15 minutes. And for housewives, milking can be done when the breast feels full and the baby is not thirsty. In this case, it should be noted also how to store breast milk to keep it safe for babies to eat. Do not forget to date the bottle of milk, apply the first principle of first sign-out, so no ASIPs are out of date. Frozen ASIP shelf life can last up to 3 months. After an exclusive ASI period, ASIP deposits can be used as a mixture of complementary foods for ASI (MP-ASI).

Sometimes babies are only comfortable in one breastfeeding position, so breast milk from the next breast that has been produced is not removed. Add Midwife Irna, “Breast milk can also balance the production of breast milk in both breasts and reduce the risk of breast cyst formation.”

In order to campaign for the international ASI week on August 1-7 2018 now, the government through the Ministry of Health also invites mothers and people around the mother to work together to maintain the sustainability of breastfeeding. Starting from the period of Early Breastfeeding Initiation (IMD), Exclusive Breastfeeding 6 months, the duration of MP-ASI, until successful breastfeeding for 2 years. Come on, we review the benefits of ASI that are not replaced by other milk, namely: 1) ASI is healthy, practical, hygienic, does not require additional costs, 2) Nutrition is ideal and easily digested by the baby’s body, 3) Can increase endurance baby’s body, 4) Can reduce the risk of allergies in infants, 5) Good for higher infant IQ development, 6) Can strengthen mother and baby relationships, 7) Can reduce maternal risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, uterine cancer, etc., and 8) Breastfeeding is a natural method of Family Planning (FP). (das)

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“Oh God, I want to get well,” this phrase that might come out if Al Ashariansyah, a new baby of nearly 3 months, could speak. Rashid, a dear call from his mother. Rashid is one of thousands of infants who have hydrocephalus since the time of the womb.

The circumference of his head enlarged from the womb

Hydrocephalus (head-water) is a disease that occurs due to disruption of fluid flow in the brain (cerebrospinal fluid) or cerebrospinal fluid accumulation in the cerebral ventricle, subarachnoid space, or subdural space. The disorder causes the fluid to multiply which will further suppress the surrounding brain tissue, especially vital nerve centers.

Rashid’s hydrocephalus belongs to congenital or congenital hydrocephalus. This condition occurs since the new baby is born. Infants with congenital hydrocephalus, their heads will look very large. Their fontanel or fontanel will appear bulging and tightened. Because the baby’s scalp is still thin, the bubbles are making the veins become visible clearly. Infants with hydrocephalus, have eyes that look like they are looking down and the leg muscles look stiff, and susceptible to seizures.

Other congenital hydrocephalus symptoms are easy drowsiness, nausea, fussiness, and insomnia. “I feel shocked and can not believe, Ma’am. When the doctor told me that my baby was suffering from hydrocephalus disease, when he was in ultrasound at 8 months of age, “said Tanti (25), Rashid’s mother, to the Patient Spiritual Practitioner (BRP). Rashid had to be born soon with a cesarean. Since born October 3, 2017 and then, just 3 months of heavy Rashid now has reached 10 kg. Rasyid himself had been treated in RS Rumah Sehat Terpadu Dompet Dhuafa (RS RST DD), and is now waiting for his operational schedule. He is Tanti’s third son. Her first sister was 6 years old and the second was 1.5 years old.

Presented by the doctor who handles Rashid, dr. Winda Setyawati, Sp.A (pediatrician of RS RST DD), “Rasyid had macrocephaly (enlargement of head area), and after CT scan was known there was an impression of hidreosefalus with obstructive cause. For the next we will consult a neurosurgeon for the implementation of obstruction operation and installation of shunt to reduce the existing fluid head to the abdominal area so that the liquid can be absorbed. But for this operation a good, physical clinical situation is required for the patient. “

If shunt installation is done later, dr. Winda advised that Rasyid’s parents can keep the infection from getting infected and pay attention to the nutritional intake for healing. Because Rasyid’s treatment will take a long time, the doctor also hopes Rasyid’s parents can be patient through it. “Rashid’s patients are currently being treated for healing bronchopneumonia disease, while other investigations are done to determine appropriate diagnostics and review the nutritional quality of patients, in collaboration with hospital nutritionists,” he continued.

God will not give trial beyond His servant’s ability

Occasionally Tanti’s eyes filled with tears as he stared at Rashid. Trials sometimes do not come gradually, but they come at once like a meteor shower. “I feel very sad, Mbak. There was once an intention I wanted to end my life when Rashid was still in the womb so depressed. Try Mbak imagine, I should get more support but even the opposite. My husband is increasingly ignoring me, the children alone is not financed by his life. I’m just a human being, Mbak. Sometimes my mistake and my faith are still weak. But alhamdulillah I am still grateful with all the limitations we have. There are still my parents who always support even my own parents are also in the economic problems of lack, “said Tanti.

She said she wanted to work to support her children, because during her husband’s leave, Tanti and her three children received help and compassion from their parents and siblings. Because there is no income cost of living from her husband. Tanti admitted very grateful to be a member in RS RST DD, “This is one of the ways that Allah loves to our family Mbak.”

When Tanti felt the weight of receiving the test, at that time also Tanti strengthen himself to rise again. For what Imam Sadiq advised, “An independent man is free in all circumstances. When he is in trouble he is patient, all disasters do not make him change even though he is in prison, defeated, and made difficult. Patience and fortitude always bring goodness. Therefore, be patient and steadfast in order to get the reward. Every believer who endures hardship, earns the reward of a thousand martyrs. ”

At the point we feel so sad, we are actually at the point of getting closer to God’s help. The mild depression that Tanti has experienced is the nature of a human’s weakness in the presence of his Maker. That weakness can turn into strength when people around encourage and cultivate beliefs, that help will always be there for His servant who will be patient and continue to be optimistic and positive prejudiced against God. Because God loves those who are patient. (pen: nj, ed: das).

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Many are uncomfortable with their fat appearance. He feels anxious with the size of the waist circumference is getting bigger, also with the increased risk of health problems such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
Obesity or obesity many reasons. Of many factors, try an evaluation of how you normally eat. Because it turns out a study in 2008 proves that the speed of eating a person affect the metabolism of food in the body and the risk of obesity.

The speed of eating that has been patterned into a habit (within 5 years) examined by dr. Takayuki Yamaji, cardiologist (heart therapist) from Hiroshima University. A total of more than 1,000 adult resident respondents (from Japan, the average age of 51.2 years) are involved and categorize them by eating speed, ie slow, normal, and fast meals.

As a result, 84 people were diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, which is closely related to their feeding rate. What is the metabolic syndrome that occurs? Among abdominal obesity, high blood pressure and fasting blood sugar and low levels of HDL cholesterol, which in fact HDL is very good to fight LDL cholesterol. People who eat quickly have a risk of metabolic syndrome, 6.5% in people who eat normally, and 2.3% in people who eat slowly.1)

When a person eats quickly, will tend not to feel full and will want to eat again and again. Eating quickly leads to greater glucose fluctuations, which can lead to insulin resistance. Takayuki added in his presentation at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions in 2017 that he believes that his research will also apply to American society. In other words, apply also to any society.

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas to control blood sugar levels in the body. When you consume carbohydrates, your body will turn it into glucose. The cells of the body will absorb glucose assisted by the hormone insulin, and convert it into energy.

While insulin resistance is a condition in which insulin no longer works properly. The pancreas still produces insulin, but the body’s cells do not absorb glucose properly. So there is a buildup of glucose in the blood, which makes the body’s glucose levels higher than normal size.

At the same event, Dr. Nieca Goldberg, a cardiologist at New York University Langone explains why eating quickly triggers obesity, “You may eat more because you eat very fast.You really do not know what you eat.If you eat slowly, you are more aware of what which you eat.You chew the food properly and also slow down your digestion.Thus it also helps you feel full.’We should eat for at least 30 minutes and avoid eating while working.2)

Everything is in line with what the Messenger of Allah sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said, in his hadith narrated by Imam Al-Bukhari, “If any one of you eats, then do not rush until he finishes his meal, even if the iqamah is pronounced.”

Masha Allah. From each of what is taught by our role models Prophet Muhammad SAW is a guide and shari’a from Allah, which is the best guide for us to live healthy.

And in another hadith, Allah shows his fondness for the unhurried servant. “In you are two attributes that Allah loves, patient and unhurried,” the story of Imam Al-Bukhari. Moreover, the hasty nature is an unfavorable trait as narrated by Imam At-Turmudzi, “Tranquility comes from God, while haste comes from the devil.”

Maintaining health is part of the way we appreciate the blessings God has given us. By monitoring health conditions, such as blood sugar levels and blood pressure, also by taking into account the pattern / habits of our lives, diet one of them, become part of our endeavor to maintain health. Familiarize regular health checks to the nearest hospital or health facility. Because prevention is better than cure. Salam #sehatmiliksemua. (wri: das)

1 Gobbling your food may harm your waistline and heart (November 14, 2017) accessed on January 8, 2018 from
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