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Installation of Pharmacy
Pharmacy is a part / unit / division or facility at the hospital, where the implementation of all activities of pharmacy work is intended for the hospital itself. The main task of Hospital Pharmacy is organize from planning, procurement, storage, preparation, compounding , direct services to patients up to control all the medical supplies are circulated and used in hospitals, both for patients with inpatient, outpatient wanted was for all units including hospital clinic.

Pharmacy services of Rumah Sehat Terpadu Hospital provides outpatient services for 24 hours every day. One characteristic of our pharmacy services is the patient does not need money to pay for the medicine.
Pharmacy services of Rumah Sehat Terpadu Hospital provides complete medication and quality. Our pharmacy advantage is for inpatients already using recipe services unit dose medications that will reduce medicine returns. In addition, our pharmacy is also not only provide chemical medicines, but also herbal medicines.

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