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Hemodialysis is the action taken to help some of impaired renal function or damaged by removing excess fluids and substances that are harmful to the body through the dialysis equipment.
The purpose of hemodialysis is:
1. Replaces renal function in the function of excretion, namely discard the remnants of metabolism in the body, such as urea, creatinine, and the rest of the other metabolism.
2. Discard the excess water
3. Maintain or restore the body’s buffer system
4. Maintain or restore the body’s electrolyte levels
5. Improving the health status of patients
Hemodialysis performed if the cause of renal failure as follows:
1. Abnormalities of brain function due to the accumulation of toxic substances
2. The increase in blood acidity which do not respond to other treatments.
3. Heart failure
4. High potassium levels in the blood
Rumah Sehat Terpadu Haemodialysis Unit is supported by technology and qualified medical team. We also provide a comfortable and clean room with beautiful scenery and beautiful and equipped with several facilities like TV and air conditioner (AC). With empathy and concern in serving and meeting the needs of patients, Rumah Sehat Terpadu Hemodialysis Unit is ready to provide the best service in helping patients with chronic renal failure to obtain a better quality of life.

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